Coredination contains a large volume of features that will benefit your work day. Let’s look at some of the most appreciated ones.

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Jobs & Work reports

Create jobs for each order where you collect all info. The workforce adds their time reports, pictures and fill in all necessary documentation.


Positioning and maps

Choose to position your users or assets. Plan in the map, view approximate driving times and mark important places.


Asset management

Keep track of your vehicles, machines or house properties. See what’s happening now and what’s been done previously.


Schedules and calendars

Overview your whole business in the view that fits you best. Drag jobs around to optimize each day.



Don’t miss anything! Supervisors or transport managers verify all work before it goes through to invoicing.



Create your own templates for all documentation. Self-control forms, risk analysis documentation and measurement forms are only a few examples of what can be digitized with Coredination.


Basis for invoices

Finished work is collected as the basis for invoices automatically. Send the invoice to your economy system with a single click.


Customer portal

We create a tailored customer portal in which your customers can sign in to view their ordered jobs or create new requests.


Connections between the different systems and services in a business is a modern way to win efficiency. Here below, we list the standard integrations that are offered in Coredination. Apart from these, our customers have the ability to develop their own integrations with our open API.


Other integrations

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