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A good transport planning system must be easy for all users. It needs to make it easier for both transport managers and drivers, and help with transport management at all levels.

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Transport order with correct information

Design your own digital templates for your jobs, with exactly the information you need. Plan, view and manage transport orders wherever you are. Book based on available drivers and cars – with the push of a button, the driver is notified of an assigned job.

Tho smartphones

Transport management with GPS positioning and geofence

With the help of our GPS tracking directly in the app, you can follow all vehicles in real-time via the map and see which job they’re driving towards, and can register when someone arrives at and leaves a location. 

With delivery notifications, an SMS is sent to the end customer, which allows them to follow the car while driving. A transport management system for flexible and simple transport management that benefits both you and your customers.

Transparency leads to happier customers

We offer customer portals for the businesses with recurring customers. Allow your customers to sign in and view the state of their orders or to create new requests that are sent straight to the transport managers.


Flexibility for simplicity

Hide what you don’t need

Get paid quickly and correctly

Invoices are ready to be created the same second as the job is done. Nothing gets lost.

Easy to get started

Coredination does not require any installations or start-up fees

So how does it work?

From planning to execution and finally a created invoice - Coredination is with you all the way

Some of our transport customers


Bärgningscentralen and Autolarm

The customized customer portal makes time for other activities

Wadegårds Åkeri

"At the end of the day there is a complete documentation"

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