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Effective service management

Maintain control over workflows and administration even as the company grows. Let Coredination's digital solutions help you along the way, with tailored protocols, notifications and reports.

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Kablar som leder till samma ställe

Transparency leads to happier customers

Share completed jobs to the end customer with the push of a button. Returning customers can also be given access to a customer portal where they can follow jobs and create new requests.


Plan with a truthful overview

See when every staff member has a scheduled job and when they’re available. Automate the scheduling of regular installations and service jobs. With efficient service management, no service matters fall through the cracks.

Never miss a checklist

With digital protocols and checklists, it is easy to have an overview. These are linked to the tasks and the staff fills them in in connection with the job being carried out. The protocols are easily traceable when you need to follow up. Create service reports that are easy to fill in with a mobile phone or computer.


Your time is valuable

Administration, planning and reporting is made easy, wherever you are

Control means security

Forms and checklists will help you work safely

Let the customer in

Client portals and delivery notifications will make your customers more satisfied

So how does it work?

Let us show you what we’ve described with a short film. Do you also work with papers that you’d rather get rid of?

Some of our customers in service and installation



All information about the assignments is gathered in one and the same tool.


Coredination makes it easier to follow up on performed work and provide feedback to the tenant.

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