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Digitize your entire workflow and focus on the things that you do best.

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Your time is valuable

Administration, planning and reporting is made easy, wherever you are

Control means security

Forms and checklists will help you work safely

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Client portals and delivery notifications will make your customers more satisfied

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Reach out to your staff and follow the work while it goes on

Coredination improves the communication between leadership and field personnel and nothing risks being missed. Never fail to gather items for invoicing, every order will be performed and documented according to your routines.

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There are many ways to plan

Schedules, maps and list views. Coredination helps you plan if you have projects that require detailed arrangements many months ahead, or if the phone rings with sudden emergencies.

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Connect Coredination to your economy system

To drastically reduce your administrative work, we offer several complete integrations that you can activate with just a few clicks. For those who want to dive deeper and develop their own solutions, Coredination offers an open web based API.

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Operations are streamlined with the...


Coredination makes it easier to fol...
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"The customers get an overview of a...

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"At the end of the day there is a c...

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”Invoicing 250 orders in less than...
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