Bärgningscentralen and Autolarm

The customized customer portal gives time for other activities


Bärgningscentralen and Autolarm are part of the Assistancekåren, with several stations around Småland. Bärgningscentralen was established in 1962 and Autolarm in 1970, since then they have conducted their business for towing and transport. With over 60 years of experience, they deliver their services with confidence and great professionalism.

Bärgningscentralen's and Autolarm's main business includes the transport and recovery of vehicles of various sizes and types. In addition to this, they also offer lock openings, starting assistance, and much more. They use Coredination to plan and administer their business. When the assignments have been published in the service based on the customers' orders, all the information the drivers need for recovery or transport is available directly on the phone.

The implementation has contributed to the fact that many activities in the business have been made more efficient, several activities have been completely automated. In addition to Coredination's standard service, they use a customized customer portal where customers' orders are automatically transferred to the service in the form of assignments. The automation contributes to the staff saving time on administrative activities and can spend more time on other key activities in the daily work.

All information about the customers' orders is available directly on the phone, completely automatically


Bärgningscentralen and Autolarm receive their orders and jobs via a customized customer portal. All the information required for the drivers to be able to carry out the jobs is available to them directly on the phone. They can easily and quickly report completed jobs and add any comments to the reports. For the administrators, a lot of time is saved because they do not have to enter the tasks manually. When jobs and reports are marked as finished, all the information needed to invoice the customer is available in the app.


Read more about Bärgningscentralen at their website. Read more about Autolarm at their  website.

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