The trucks roll more efficiently than ever


Wikab Transport offers transport services in the construction industry as well as container runs with lift dumpers. With many years of experience within the organization, they have learned that quality should be the key word for the business. They live up to this by offering flexible solutions for customers' different transport needs and delivering value using cutting-edge technology.

When Wikab contacted Coredination, they were looking for good solutions to modernize the business. What was noteworthy was that they not only sought administrative efficiency but the highest priority was rather to find solutions for good driver support, which became the focus of the implementation. Linda Wik, Administrator at Wikab, described the need like this: “We were looking for a way to be able to efficiently coordinate our 50-60 assignments per day between five cars, which the existing system could not handle. The requirement was, among other things, that there should be map features in the service so that efficient routes could be planned in an easy way ”.

The whole business in their phones

Today, the drivers have access to the entire business’ planning in their mobile phones, through the Coredinations app they perform assignments and report the basis for invoicing. Those who manage the transport management can then immediately see which assignments have been started and which have been completed. “The drivers use the app for both route planning and to exchange assignments with each other according to what is best. The service is user-friendly and works in both Android and iOS which is obviously a big plus ”, Linda explained.

"The cars roll more efficiently than ever and, above all, the drivers work better as a team"

Linda Wik, head of administration at Wikab

Easy to switch assignments with eachother

Promoting coordination between employees is always a key to success, regardless of the industry. "The cars roll more efficiently than ever and, above all, the drivers work better as a team now than before as they constantly see what everyone has to do and it is easy to switch assignments with one another," Linda Wik told us.

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