Wadegårds Åkeri

"At the end of the day we have complete documentation"


The family business Wadegårds Åkeri was founded in 1977, and they have been determined to deliver great services since day one. Their ambition is to become Skaraborg's largest and best haulier for lift- and crane transports. In addition, they have been handling waste under their own auspices since 2020. It is important for the business that it should feel present to the customers and offer security before the work to be performed.

Before the digitalization

Alex Aspsjö is transport manager at Wadegårds Åkeri, he recalls how the administration and internal communication was handled before the introduction of Coredination:

"We worked analogously with handwritten transport slips, also the occasional post-it note was passed between the transport management and the driver. At the end of the day, all notes with completed tasks would be collected and interpreted and then manually entered into the computer for invoicing."

"We have almost no internal phone time nowadays"

Alex Aspsjö, Transport manager

Enables work from home

Alex is happy that they, since implementing Coredination, can avoid lost or difficult-to-read transport notes.

"In addition, we have almost no internal telephone time anymore, as all necessary information is provided through the job in Coredination. When the day is over and the jobs are reported, there is a complete documentation that we can quickly send to the invoicing program."

Furthermore, the service has also made it possible for office staff to work remotely during the past pandemic year, as all information is available wherever you are.

Then we have the administrative benefits:

"A great benefit for us is that we can keep a complete customer card with addresses, contact information and specific prices. On the customer card, we create several projects for different workplaces. It is necessary in the construction industry because all constructions have different references. In addition, we have good support for follow-up on several levels, "Alex Aspsjö explains in conclusion.

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