Entreprenad Smista Munsö

"Invoicing 250 orders in less than a minute”

Entreprenad Smista Munsö

At Smista, there is a facility for soil materials management that works with a strong focus on finding modern business methods and making the customer experience as fluent as possible. The company's CEO Joakim Richardson describes how the administration was done before they used Coredination.

"We worked in different documents. You filled in the information into an excel file and afterwards we created the invoices manually. The whole process took us about two hours a week."


Tailored solution

To minimize the time it takes to register every truckload, Coredination developed a new, customer specific, application for the facility's personnel.

"We got an incredibly dedicated contact person who really worked for us and saw the opportunities. Today we use our own application that Coredination developed. The effect is that we invoice 250 orders per week in less than a minute and have all the documentation we need which makes it easier to share basis with our customers" Richardson explained.

As stated, the focus for the business was also set on the customer experience. According to Joakim's wishes, a separate customer portal was also developed. "Our customers sign in and can see, in real-time, what's happening with their materials" Richardson told us. The positive response from their customers have been almost overwhelming. Among the cheers, Richardson thought that one of the best replies came from Tommy at Stockholms Hauling, he said "Imagine if everybody could deliver it like this".

“The incredible response from the customers has shown that the satisfaction is at maximum"

Joakim Richardson, CEO 

Joakim Richardson summarized the value of implementing Coredination like this: "The service has meant that we save a very large amount of time. You're also certain that everything is registered correctly because it's so easy to do so. The incredible response from our customers has shown that the satisfaction is at maximum".

Fler case

Västerorts BMF

Västerorts BMF

Eliminated two days of paperwork a month
JB Bilbärgning

JB Bilbärgning

”Today we can handle more jobs than ever without even having to spend more time on the administrative side”

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