"Our customers have access to all information about the elevators in once place”

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Ramirent is one of Swedens leading suppliers of machine rental. They combine rental with service and training to ensure safety and efficiency in their customers work places. Using customer centers across Sweden they deliver solutions to all types of industries and businesses.

Ramirent are using Coredination to manage their own staffs work in the different branches across the land. Coredination was given the task to develop a customer portal for Ramirents rental business for construction elevators. The customer portal provides the users with the ability to report malfunctions on the elevators, perform daily supervisions, and take part of relevant documents.

Through the customer portal in Coredination, the customers have direct access to all protocols and documents regarding the elevators, for example inspections, service protocols, preparations and risk analysis. All of the information is collected in one place which facilitates for those working on the project.

We have talked to Tomas Carlsson who is supervisor at Ramirent Hiss in Stockholm. According to Tomas one of the biggest advantages of the customer portal is that the supervisors are relieved in their workload since the app generates jobs automatically. Should a malfunction report be made, the supervisors are notified via e-mail, which means that they can finish whatever they were doing and then look at the malfunction report without having to interrupt anything. This is considered to be a huge plus according to Tomas since the work flow can continue uninterrupted. The contact persons on the project are provided with delivery notifications about estimated arrival prior to a repair which is appreciated by the customers.

”One of the great things about the portal is that the customers have access to an overview of all of the elevators that we provide throughout project.”

Tomas Carlsson, supervisor Ramirent Hiss in Stockholm

"We don't have to wait in telephone queues to make a malfunction report."

Should any malfunctions occur in any of the elevators, the staff can make report directly in the app. Any other staff that are working with the project are notified automatically that a report has been made. The functionality for making malfunction reports are especially appreciated by Ramirent Hiss' staff, according to Tomas. The customer doesn't have to wait in any telephone queues, instead they can make the report directly in the app, which means that they can let the problem go for the moment and continue with their work tasks. When a malfunction is created, the customers receives contact information to a repairer so that service can be booked directly. The customer is also given the opportunity to receive a delivery notification via text message when a repairer is on their way to location to check on or repair the elevator.


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”Coredination can also be completely transparent to the customer”

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