Stavdal Lift

"Coredination has a user-friendly interface on all devices”

Stavdals liftar

Stavdal runs a customer-focused business where the machines form the core. Before they started using Coredination, Stavdal handled work orders on paper. In order to offer better transparency to their customers and streamline workflow, they realized that planning and execution of work needed to be digitized and run in a cloud service.

By using Coredination's object management, Stavdal plans to work on individual machines. Thus, they have full control of all the work done on each machine and never miss to carry out inspections or service on time. In addition, the service provides increased support for the installers who complete protocols and checks on their mobile phones. Daniel Forsberg, sales manager at Stavdal in Stockholm, explained that with Coredination they get "full functionality for installers and quick handling of completed assemblies, as well as quick reporting for invoicing".

Includes customers

Including customers to the greatest extent possible is a high priority for Stavdal. Coredination provides the opportunity for users to share finished work to customers via eg. E-mail. However, Stavdal wanted to go even further and include customers for certain projects throughout the workflow, so we developed opportunities for their customers to interact directly with the service.

“Coredination can also be completely transparent to the customer in some projects if it is appropriate, the customer can then place orders himself in the system and we administer”

Daniel Forsberg, sales manager

Focus on user-friendliness

Furthermore, Stavdal attaches great importance to making all their support systems friendly to their end users. That all the necessary features are available is not enough, modern systems and services should also be easy to interact with. Daniel Forsberg concluded by saying that Coredination has a “user-friendly interface on all mobile devices. The support works very well and the feedback is fast, worth every penny! ”

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All information about the assignments is gathered in one and the same tool.
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"The customers get an overview of all of the elevators we provide."

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