JB Bilbärgning

"Today we can handle more jobs than ever”


One of Stockholm's most classic car salvage companies was founded in 1965 and is called JB Bilbärgning. However, don't let the year and the fact that JB is a family business fool you. Operations are managed with the help of innovative technical solutions, which are seen as necessary for maintaining the position as one of the capital's largest car salvage companies. JB performs salvage of all types of vehicles found on our roads, but above all heavy salvages.

Before JB Bilbärgning started using Coredination in 2015, like many others, they had major problems with the administrative mess. In addition, there was no support to be able to easily find out where the cars were. Stefan Johansson, transport manager at JB, described the problems: “In the past we had all the ballots on paper. In addition to handing them over to drivers, telephone calls were the only way to get the jobs out to the carriers. For invoicing, there was then a big mess of scraps of paper ”.


Overcome the problems

By starting to use Coredination, JB was able to overcome the original problems. In the service, they plan assignments and book citizens who immediately see the orders in their mobile phones. In addition, all the reports are compiled automatically to invoice documents which through invoices generate the invoices. However, with the problems solved, the company got new ideas.

“We then wanted a way to see where all the cars are. Coredination supplied GPS pucks that sit in the cars and are connected to the service, so we have a full overview from the map in Coredination, "explained Stefan and continued:" We then saw an opportunity for repeat customers to place orders themselves, without us would have to key in everything manually, that's when the customer portal was built ”.

“Today we can handle more jobs than ever without even having to spend more time on the administrative side, we could never go back and work without the service"


Customers in Focus

For the last need Stefan Johansson told about developed Coredination a web portal in which customers can create orders. Through the portal, they can then follow the orders from JB planning the jobs to completion by the bearers of Coredination. Even there, the GPS information is used to allow the end customer to see where the car is located.


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Bärgningscentralen and Autolarm

The customized customer portal makes time for other activities

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"At the end of the day there is a complete documentation"

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