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Fortinova is based in Varberg, from where they acquire, develop and manage residential properties. Fortinova protects tenancy as a form of housing and it is important for them to contribute to creating vibrant and safe communities, by offering both housing and premises. Based on the values ​​of simplicity, closeness, heart and courage, they strive to be western Sweden's most prominent real estate company.

When Fortinova contacted Coredination, they were looking for a flexible solution to streamline operations. In addition to simpler administration in the office, they were looking for a system that would make it easier for their caretakers to document work. Previously, they used several solutions for different activities, but now they have gathered everything in one system.

Nowadays, it is easier to give feedback to the tenant

Göran Lundell, administrator at Fortinova

Users have access to all information about the job directly in the app

We have talked to Göran Lundell, administrator at Fortinova, and one of the great advantages of using Coredination is that users have easy access to all the information about their assignments gathered in one place, according to him. They no longer have to keep track of notes in two different systems, the staff can write notes about the job directly in their time report. Since all information is available directly in the app, it is now easier for users at Fortinova to follow up on completed jobs and provide feedback to the tenant, according to Lundell.

In addition to Coredination's app, Fortinova uses a customized customer web from Coredination. It means, among other things, that tenants can create error reports directly into Fortinova's workflow. In addition, Coredination automatically handles recurring assignments for property management, which has relieved the business administratively.


Finally, Göran Lundell highlights the benefit for the tenant as an important advantage of the solution, which says something about Fortinova's focus.

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All information about the assignments is gathered in one and the same tool.

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”Today we can handle more jobs than ever without even having to spend more time on the administrative side”

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