For efficient transportation

The modern truck company requires full control and overview for transport management, combined with simple-to-use technical tools that benefit the driver. The field personnel should not have to call with questions about the orders and the transport manager should not have to contact the drivers to know where they are currently heading. No one should have to spend time collecting invoicing documentation.

Transport order with just the right information

Design your own templates for how transport orders should look like, with exactly the information you need without anything superfluous. Plan, view and manage orders wherever you are, at any time. Schedule based on available drivers and cars - with the push of a button the driver is notified of an assigned job.

Mobile support with the driver in focus

With a user-friendly mobile app, drivers can see exactly where they are going, what needs to be done and report relevant information to the transport management. As all data is updated in real time, all parties involved can follow each run.

More transparency gives more satisfied customers

For those of you who have reoccuring customers, we offer a customer portal. Let the end customer log in and see the status of their ordered transport, without having to lift a finger. In addition to the customer portal, there are several features for sharing confirmations and other assignment information to the customer.

Collaborate with other companies

For exchanges of jobs with other transport companies, our solution for collaboration between groups will make the cooperation more efficient. Share transport assignments with just a few button presses!

Positioning - made easy

Coredination offers GPS units you put in the cars. See where each car is, what transport order they have started and which to execute next, all in the same interface.

Geofence adds control & simplicity

With Coredination technology for geofence, assignments will be updated automatically based on where the cars are located. The transport management gets information about the status of the job, without the driver having to do anything other than focus on the road.

Seamless transmission with complete integrations

Invoicing has never been easier. Coredination offers several integration options for financial services, at no extra cost. Furthermore, you have the option of developing our own integrations through our open API.



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