Nothing falls between the chairs and we can more easily plan our work

Säker Bostad was founded in 2011 as a comprehensive supplier for security doors and renovation of stairwells. They sell, assemble and specially design security doors for private individuals, tenant-owner associations and real estate companies. Since its inception, the company's focus has been on the customer experience. Secure Housing's tip is that customers are satisfied with their security doors, whether they order from warehouse or specially designed the doors. This has led to explosive growth in recent years, one of the main reasons why they sought out Coredination.

Robin Persson, Sales Manager at Säker Bostad, talked about some of the problems that came with the rapid growth:

“Before we started Coredination, we worked very classically with paper and binders. As we grew as a company, this created a big mess among our assignments. This led to inadequate communication and follow-up, both internally and towards customers ”.

To tackle the mess, Säker Bostad started planning work on its orders in Coredination. At the same time, they created routines for how the administration should be managed digitally in the service, from closed sales to finished assembly.

“Today we have full control of all our commitments. Nothing falls between the chairs and we can more easily plan our work through the superb overview we get through Coredination. Our employees in the field are not dependent on physical paper orders, but have all the important information in their phones which also saves us a lot of time, ”Robin explained.

In addition to improving efficiency and better order, Coredination has also been favorable to what is Säker Bostad's main focus, satisfied customers. Robin Persson replied to the question of what the introduction of the service has led to: “Structure. Better planning and this has undoubtedly contributed to higher customer satisfaction ”.

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