Work order with focus on the machines

A good overview, planning and traceability are critical to a well-functioning business. Easy-to-use features for asset management mean that you get full control of the work to be done and look up a complete work history towards each asset. Both in the office and out in the field.

With a complete asset directory, you have control over each individual machine

Create your machines in Coredination's directory with just the information you need. Split them up in categories and customize the templates for each category.

Digital forms and checklists

Automatic planning of regular service and inspection

By creating recurring orders, you let the system automatically generate jobs for regular service of the machines. Minimize the risk of delays while saving time!

Create your own digital templates for service and inspection forms, work preparation and risk analysis. The forms are linked to the scheduled job and do not risk being forgotten.

Customer portal for error reports

Simplify cooperation with other parties

Our solution for collaboration between groups enables you to collaborate with, for example, subcontractors and transporters in Coredination.

By logging into a customer portal, your customers can create error reports towards the machines they rent and follow the job when it is corrected. From planning to finished work.



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