In addition to refining and developing the basic functions of the service, we at Coredination are always working on developing completely new functionality that we know many of our customers have great use and benefit from. The latest feature that we have developed to facilitate the planning and execution of jobs for our users is booking requests. With the help of booking requests, you can quickly and easily communicate with the customer directly from the service, and hopefully avoid some of the administration around booking jobs. With a simple push of a button, a booking request goes out to the customer with a suggested time and date for the work. When the customer confirms the booking, the assignment in the app automatically changes status from draft to booked. The task's booked resource has access to all information directly in the app and can perform the work at the appointed time.

Via automatic text message to the customer, you ask if the time is suitable and let them control whether the assignment is confirmed or needs a new time


The booking request function is easily activated under settings. You choose for what or which activities a request for booking confirmation should be sent. When an assignment is saved as a draft, you get the option to send the booking request to the contact person directly in the assignment. Read more about how to activate and use the function in our Helpdesk.



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