Machine rental

Work orders with the assets in focus

Overview, planning and traceability lays the ground for a modern business. Our well thought out solution means you’ll have full control over all jobs, from planning to execution to follow-up, against every individual machine. Both in the office and in the field.

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With a complete directory you’ll have control over every asset

Import your machines into Coredination’s asset directory with exactly the information you need. By planning and executing jobs towards the assets, you can view a history of all the work that has been done on every machine, wherever you are.


Digital forms and checklists

Create your own digital templates for service forms, work preparations and risk assessments. Every form is linked to the planned job and does not risk being lost.

Automate the planning of recurring service work and inspections

By creating recurring orders you’ll allow the system to automatically generate jobs for regular service of the machines. Minimize the risk of delays and save time!


Your time is valuable

Administration, planning and reporting is made easy, wherever you are

Control means security

Forms and checklists will help you work safely

Let the customer in

Client portals and delivery notifications will make your customers more satisfied

Cooperate with your transportation suppliers

A benefit of the fact that Coredination delivers solutions for both machine rental and machine transportation is that you can connect the system to your suppliers. Order transports and follow the deliveries in the same service where your field work is managed.

Some of our machine rental customers

Stavdal Lift

Stavdal Lift

”Coredination can also be completely transparent to the customer”

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