Digital reports and protocols provide time for other tasks



Lambertsson is one of Scandinavia's largest service providers in construction and industrial solutions. They aim to make it easier for their customers to achieve shorter construction times, better control over costs and smooth processes. Lambertsson's crane and machine rental began to emerge during the 1970s in Gothenburg. They have since run operations for mainly machine and crane rentals throughout Sweden.

Before digitization

In Lambertsson's crane rental business, they also rent crane operators to their customers. Crane operators previously submitted slips of paper with reports that were to be manually entered into systems. The access to the reports and protocols digitally means that the staff do not have to spend as much time on administration and thus have time for other tasks.


Digital work order facilitates handling of time reports

Booking and administration of the crane operators' work now takes place in Coredination. They can easily book crane operators for their various customers in the app. The crane operators then have direct access to the assignments they are booked for together with the details of their tasks. Everything is available digitally directly in the phone. Users now have the opportunity to document and report their work continuously from the field.

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"The customers get an overview of all of the elevators we provide."
Stavdals liftar

Stavdal Lift

”Coredination can also be completely transparent to the customer”

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