In the past year, our main focus in development work has been directed towards replacing our existing mobile apps for iOS and Android. The old apps use outdated technology that makes them slow and we know there is a dissatisfaction with them among our users. Our new app solves those problems and also comes with a new design, created to make the user as productive as possible out in the field.

Normally, you want users to spend as much time as possible in the apps you develop. The fun challenge of building Coredination for field workers is that we try to minimize the time spent using the app. You should therefore be able to do all your work tasks as quickly and smoothly as possible, so that the app does not stand in the way of the job tasks.

Current status: Beta version

The app is currently available as a trial version under the name Coredination Worker at App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android. Even though it's a trial version, it works toward the same database as our regular apps, all your content is there too. In terms of functionality, it has everything needed to carry out jobs in most cases, however, there is some fine-tuning that remains before the real launch.

Feel free to try it and send feedback to We have received a lot of good feedback during the beta that we've taken with us in the continued development process.

Launch Wednesday March 1st

The official launch of the app takes place on Wednesday March 1st. The target group for the first version is those who carry out jobs in Coredination, but it is also entirely possible to plan assignments in it as a supervisor/transport manager. However, we will save more the administrative functions for now. The old apps will not be turned off already in the spring, they will live on in parallel for some time. The goal is for the first version of the app to be completely satisfactory for 90% of our mobile users, then we will gradually transfer remaining usage from the old apps.



In our new design, the app has a menu bar at the bottom for quick navigation. It consists of:

  • Home screen
  • The planning view (which can be displayed in calendar mode or as a list)
  • The history view to look back at finished jobs
  • Search function to ease in finding what you are looking for
  • A menu button that collects other views that we believe are used less often

The views also act as tabs, if you are looking at a particular job in the planning view and jump to the home screen, you will remain in the job when you go back to the planning view. For us, that is worth its weight in gold when, for example, you want to check a previous assignment while you are working on a time report or a form.

The plus button at the bottom right gathers all the actions you might want to take in the view you're looking at. For example, to create a new assignment, a new report or add a picture, press the plus button and make your choice. By doing this, the app will be significantly cleaner in its appearance.

Shortly, we will publish guides for the various functions of the new app. Also look out for our webinars we invite to to demonstrate what we are working on.

/ Rebin Malmström, product owner Coredination

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